(Pics/Video) New York to Austin, TX to Exuma, Bahamas

We departed 3/12 for a x-country trip from NYC to Austin, Texas for the SXSW conference and then to Exuma, Bahamas.

The weather on departure blocked us from a direct route, so we took a due west heading and went around a huge system that eventually swallowed the entire East Coast and New England, a few days later.

Lots of IMC time and photos/videos of our trip below. We'll keep posting with updates of the flight and new experiences during the trip.

(Pics/Video) Ice Runway landing in New Hampshire

Ice Runway Landing - Alton Bay, New Hampshire (B18 - seaplane base in summer season)

We flew out to Alton Bay, New Hampshire to land on the only FAA approved Ice Runway, in the lower 48 states! A nice day for flying and good conditions on the frozen lake (3000' x 100'). 

A good amount of planes were flying there for the experience, but it was not for everyone. The plane that landed in front of me swerved once he touched down, did a go-around and on the radio announced it was his first time and he's going home, did not feel comfortable. Another plane had a nose gear incident yesterday and a google image search may deter others, from previous years' issues.

For 8296W, It was our first ice landing as well, but nothing out of the ordinary to report. Similar to our landings at BurningMan or a soft/short field in the woods, which also include 'off-airport' risks. But once the water freezes thick enough on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, the FAA approves it as the only ice runway in the lower 48 states! Landing tips: a low and slow approach, no brakes on landing and keep the nose up. 

It was a great experience and I look forward to doing it next year again. 

Pictures below and video coming soon

(Video/Pics) Landing, Taxi, Lift Off at JFK Airport

Last weekend, I dropped off a passenger at the General Aviation terminal at JFK airport. The approach, taxi and departure were a long time goal and the experience was very cool, and not too hard.

Landing at the field was straight forward, and I approached from the North East (KWST). The traffic controllers put us in a few holding patterns until they could squeeze us in. There was no special instructions for reservation slots on arrival (KLGA needs prior notice and slotted departure and arrivals, landed there last Oct '13). I Shot the ILS 3x whites over red to avoid wake turbulence and pretty much came in short final, over the numbers 22L and landed long.

Taxi was VERY eventful. Holding between 22L and 22R was a constant flow of departures and a lot of really busy controllers. Taxi instructions were straight ahead to the GA terminal and I got a lot of commercial passengers waiving from their Triple 7s.

FBO was Sheltair and cost only $95 total since off-peak hours (3-10pm is peak and has another $80 charge on top, LGA was $260 last year). Our dogs and passenger and FBO cookies were all well received.

Departure was very easy. Clearance for departure, taxi and tower. Took a midfield departure on 31L which was almost 15,000' long! 

Ill post video shortly. 


(Video) IFR Rhode Island to NJ via NY Bravo

Video of our weekend IFR Flight from Westerly, RI to Old Bridge, NJ, trying out the new Garmin prop filter. The slower shutter speed really helps to make the video smoother, recommended add-on.

We flew IFR to climb through the cloud layers and continued VFR over the top inside the New York Class B. Nice sunset on the other side, the 2x passengers sleeping in the back seat missed it.

Pics and video below

(Photos) Island Hopping - Block Island, Shelter Island, Fishers Island

The weekend was perfect flying weather and we did some puddle jumping in New York and Rhode Island: Westerly, RI to Block Island, RI to Shelter Island, NY and Fishers Island, NY.

The landing strip on Shelter island is short and quirky. With a high tree line and East Hampton's jet traffic next door, this is a throw back farm strip to another era. 

Also, some great planes at Block Island. Scroll down for more.