(Video/Pics) Landing, Taxi, Lift Off at JFK Airport

Last weekend, I dropped off a passenger at the General Aviation terminal at JFK airport. The approach, taxi and departure were a long time goal and the experience was very cool, and not too hard.

Landing at the field was straight forward, and I approached from the North East (KWST). The traffic controllers put us in a few holding patterns until they could squeeze us in. There was no special instructions for reservation slots on arrival (KLGA needs prior notice and slotted departure and arrivals, landed there last Oct '13). I Shot the ILS 3x whites over red to avoid wake turbulence and pretty much came in short final, over the numbers 22L and landed long.

Taxi was VERY eventful. Holding between 22L and 22R was a constant flow of departures and a lot of really busy controllers. Taxi instructions were straight ahead to the GA terminal and I got a lot of commercial passengers waiving from their Triple 7s.

FBO was Sheltair and cost only $95 total since off-peak hours (3-10pm is peak and has another $80 charge on top, LGA was $260 last year). Our dogs and passenger and FBO cookies were all well received.

Departure was very easy. Clearance for departure, taxi and tower. Took a midfield departure on 31L which was almost 15,000' long! 

Ill post video shortly.