The SwitchBox - $199 base model

The easiest, cheapest and safest way to remote control any electrical device.

For Pilots: No more driving to the airport hours before a flight. Turn on your Engine Heater from your cellphone, and simplify your cold flying routine! TIP: Activate a 2nd device like a Cabin Heater for your sensitive avionics, or a Coffee Maker before you arrive!

For General Use: Your new 'Smart Home' with the easy automation from SwitchBox. Remote control your heating, lighting and air conditioning, from anywhere in the world. TIP: Turn On the A/C before you get home, or check to see if you left the lights On and turn them Off. Save Money!

Base Model/Power Strip: Lower cost model does not include a SIM card or Wired Antenna, both can be purchased separately.  The Switchbox strip has a lower power handling of only 1000W and not weather sealed, like the original model.



- Electrical: 120V/60hz. Max Power Handling 1800W (Original Model) or 1000W (Strip Model)

- Network: T-Mobile Pre-activated, $3.00 credit on account, Expires after 30 days then min $10 credit must be added (Power Strip does not come with SIM card)

- Features: Custom Timer up to 18 hours, Security List for blocking unknown callers, Includes 10' extended Antenna for Original Model.

- Warranty: 1 year Mfr parts & labor, 30day money back guarantee, FCC and CE certified

- Operating Manual found HERE and App Tutorial Video HERE

- Free Iphone/Ipad App download HERE

- Free Android App download HERE

- Free Web-based App for use on any device with internet HERE

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