Q: My SwitchBox does not respond to any calls, texts, etc?

A: There must be sufficient credit on your T-Mobile account. Please login to your online account or call 1-877-778-2106 and dial 0 to speak with a Customer Service agent. Tell them your SwitchBox unique phone# and pin 1234, to verify your credit on account. The SwitchBox needs some credit to remain active on the network.

Q: How much does the Tmobile network service cost?

A: The SwitchBox ships with a T-Mobile 4G sim card. On this Pay-As-You-Go plan, the network charges 10 cents for each text message: sent or received. The SwitchBox will need a minimum of $3.00 credit every month. Once credit is placed in the account, phone calls are Free to receive on the SwitchBox and will not use any credit. After 6 months of an unpaid account, the Network Provider will ask you to replace the SIM card; Contact us if this occurs.

A:  The AT&T network charges 20 cents for each text message: sent or received. Phone calls are Free to receive on the SwitchBox and will not use any credit. 

You have 3 plan options with AT&T; each plan expires at the end of the term and any unused credits are forfeited:

  1. 30 day at $10 + tax.

  2. 90 day plan for $25 + tax (preferred for most users)

  3. Yearly plan for $100 + tax

An inactive unpaid account of 6 months (eg. spring & summer) will trigger the Network Provider to ask you to replace the SIM card; Contact us if this occurs.

Q: How much does the ATT network service cost?

Q: Will it work in my location? Canada, Europe, etc?

A: Yes, in most cases the Tmobile SIM card is perfect. In rural areas of the USA, Canada, Europe, etc the T-Mobile SIM card has still proven to be the best solution. We can supply a different carrier SIM card if you would like a more 'local' solution (AT&T, etc) Check here for TMobile's reception map and here for ATT's coverage. The included T-Mobile card is sufficient in 99% of customer installs.

Q: Do we offer a manufacturer warranty, returns?

A: Yes, we offer 1 year manufacturer's warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee minus shipping, no questions asked.

Q: How many devices can I plug in? What are the power rating limits?

A: The SwitchBox LED model uses standard 12AWG electrical extension cords. Internally the circuit contains 30A relays but the maximum connected load should be much less than that, to protect the cord itself. A load of 2000Watts (LED) or 1500W (Reg) is sufficient.

Q: Do I need to use the extended Antenna? Does it increase reception?

A: The extended Antenna does increase reception in many cases. Signal strength is an important variable in the closed door, metal hangar for pilot applications. In these cases, a simple reception strength check with the antenna On and Off will confirm your environment needs. In our surveys, the factory installed "L" shaped antenna is adequate for many users.

Q: I dont have a Smart Phone, can I still use the SwitchBox?

A: Yes, the SwitchBox can be used as easily as a simple Phone Call or text message. The Iphone and Android app create a graphical, user experience to operate the various commands.

Q: Is the SwitchBox in stock and ready to ship? 

A: Our products are in stock and ready to ship. FedEx Ground and USPS are our preferred methods of shipping.